Occupational Therapists


Occupational Therapists have degrees in occupational therapy. Those who practice are clinically trained and will have gained practice experience during their training. Occupational Therapists are required to register annually to practice via the New Zealand Board of Occupational Therapy this ensures they work within ethical rules to meet the rigorous standards that keep their practice safe, evidence informed, up to date and relevant. 

Occupational Therapists work in hospitals, community facilities, schools and clients’ homes.  Occupational therapists provide person centred practice, this means some use they collaborate to identify the best way to help their clients based on the clients’ needs.   Many occupational therapists use activity focused techniques for practical skills training, others are more oriented to addressing the challenges of coping with routines and demands of daily life using motivational therapy or participation focused counselling.

Occupational Therapy New Zealand - Whakaora Ngangahau Aotearoa (OTNZ-WNA) is the professional association for occupational therapists, it has a very informative website and includes a “Find a therapist” directory of private practitioners.