Post Earthquake – Support and Resources

Earthquake Helpline
0800779 997 7.00am to 9.00pm

A helpline set up by the Government following the 7.8 Kaikoura earthquake for people who need financial or other support. 

Quake Support & Counselling Services Helpline
0800 777 846

A helpline for people or families feeling upset or stressed, or who are in need of other social support as a result of the earthquakes. The team will talk to you about your needs and connect you with counselling services or organisations that can offer you practical support, information or advice.

Our family is upset and stressed. What support can we get?

Counselling and support is available to people affected by the Canterbury quakes.

An 0800 number has been set up for people to ring if they require some form of counselling support.
The number is: 0800 777 846.

Counselling and support is available from local, qualified and experienced counsellors, to people affected by the Canterbury quakes.

A list of available social support services is also available online. Click on the Family Services Directory link at  

Other Support Information

Below are some useful links to information on websites on coping strategies and supporting others after the earthquakes.

Topics covered such as:

  • The stress of being under threat
  • Helping children
  • Helping adolescents
  • Stress after emergencies
  • Families and disasters
  • Common reactions to disaster
  • When someone you know has been through a traumatic experience

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We are well equipped with books and DVD's to help people of all ages with anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress and general wellbeing. Check out our Library databse.

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