Community Connections for Adults - Christchurch City Libraries

These courses provide individuals and groups with hands-on skills in using information and communication technologies to support lifelong learning, and encourage community connectedness.

We can design specific programmes to help up-skill your community group in a particular area of interest. A tour of your local community library can also be arranged. For enquiries regarding tailored programmes please phone (03) 941 5140.

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Volunteering Opportunity - Nurse Maude

The Volunteers we are looking for will be able to commit to providing regular support each week, and building a medium to long-term, trust-based relationship with a family. 

The support you provide will typically be delivered as a weekly 2-4 hour “block of time”, which could be spent in a variety of ways.  It could be anything from helping ensure other children get to sporting commitments, right through to baby-sitting for the child with complex health needs while the rest of the family enjoy an outing.

The complexity of the child’s health needs; the background, experience and comfort of the volunteer; and the level of trust and knowledge that has developed with the family, will all determine the way the volunteer provides support.  

For an information pack about the service and a volunteer application form, contact Bridget Scorgie, Volunteer administrator at Nurse Maude on 03 375-4238.


Free Earthquake Counselling - Petersgate

Petersgate Counselling Centre is thrilled to advise you that we are able to accept new clients for fully subsidised Earthquake Counselling sessions.

The confirmation of further funding from the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch and the Ministry of Social Development via their contract with Relationships Aotearoa has made it possible for Petersgate to continue to provide free Earthquake Counselling. We’re tremendously grateful to these organisations for their support and for the good relationship we enjoy with them.

We've all read reports that state that the continuing disruption and associated impacts on wellbeing following a natural disaster of the kind experienced in Christchurch are expected to be part of our lives for the next three years or more, and that some residual needs are likely to remain for many more years.

Our own experience and that of other agencies, along with the reliable evidence base these reports draw on, provides a convincing argument for the ongoing provision of free Earthquake Counselling to support people through the various stages of the city’s slow recovery.

The Earthquake Counselling interventions provided by our highly trained and experienced team of counsellors assist individuals, couples and families to better deal with the challenges they face because of the earthquakes and their multifarious after-effects.

People interested in accessing this service can self-refer for an assessment or be referred by a medical practice, government department, or community agency.

Please note that these fully subsidised Earthquake Counselling sessions are available only while funding is in place and that clients need to meet the funders’ criteria to qualify.

For more information email Petersgate’s Director This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone (03) 343-3391.


Common Ground

The Mental Health Foundation, Skylight, Youthline, along with the Ministry of Social Development have worked hard to put together Common Ground, an online resource for the friends and whānau of young people in New Zealand.

Parents, family, whānau and friends play a vital role in supporting young kiwis through challenging times in their lives. But sometimes it can be hard to see the signs of an emerging mental health issue until it gets to a crisis point, and it can be difficult to know what to do.

Common Ground provides easy access to information that will help friends and whānau support young people to manage hard times, and enjoy happier lives. 

The website, phone line and information pack service gives people access to information, tools and support, so they can assist our rangatahi in getting the right kind of help when they need it.


Meeting Room Hire - The Monarch Centre Group Room

456 Colombo Street, Sydenham, Christchurch
$40 per half day 

Available for use: Data projector, screen, whiteboard, TV, DVD player, large round table, trestle table, urn, toaster oven, etc.

Seats up to 20 - 25 comfortably. View pictures here.

Phone Renee 03 377 5401 for bookings.


We Want You! The Just Dirt Trust

We are a charitable trust that engages in encouraging the establishment of community gardens. Please contact us to find out how you can help. Contact Selwyn Eagle on 385 6894 or 027 604 6816.


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