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116 Marshland Road, Shirley,
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PO Box 32035, Christchurch 8147
20 June 2016

The Mental Health Education and Resource Centre (MHERC) is a registered Charitable Trust which provides information, a free public library, and professional development about mental health, wellbeing, mental illness, and addiction. MHERC’s services are available to anyone who is affected by mental illness or seeking wellbeing, including families/whānau and friends. Our services are also available to those working in the mental health and social service sectors of the community such as support workers, students, nurses, psychologists and counsellors.

Support: Our friendly staff have the knowledge and expertise to assist you, your family/whānau, friends and associates to find the appropriate organisations to meet your needs.

Library: Our free onsite library currently includes books, DVDs and CDs. We host resources on a large variety of topics including anxiety, depression, stress, addictions, relationships, personal development, autism, parenting, children’s books and much more. MHERC also hosts a collection of brochures on a range of mental illnesses and support services.

EducationProfessional Development: MHERC provides a range of professional development courses on mental health, wellbeing, mental illness and addictions, from an evidence, strengths based and wellness perspective. Our courses provide practical skills and tools for participants to take away. 

Workplace Education: MHERC can provide courses for your staff at our premises or any location of your choice. Our Workplace Education can be specifically designed in consultation with you, to ensure your staff have relevant and up to date skills, ongoing support and effective strategies ensuring better practice. We cater for a broad range of organisations from small community groups, through to large corporate businessesProfessional Education for NGO’s, agencies and businesses: Our expertise in workplace psychology and education enables us to provide both standard and custom solutions to give you a happy, engaged, knowledgeable and skilled workforce.

MHERC has developed an extensive body of evidence-based material about mental health and wellbeing over our 22 years of working to inform and educate a number of organisations, the general public and mental health and addiction professionals.

Our expertise and experience in delivering education for wellbeing, resilience and engagement, as well as workplace and community mental health has been highly acknowledged. MHERC’s facilitators are specialists in the topics they present. Presenters include faculty from the University of Canterbury and Otago University.