The Canterbury Mental Health Education and Resource Centre Trust (MHERC) provides information, education, and support within the Canterbury region to:

  • People with mental health and addiction issues
  • Families/whanau, caregivers and associates of mental health consumers
  • NGO mental health, addiction and social service agencies
  • The community

MHERC delivers these Core services through the following:

  • Community information service on mental health and addiction issues and available support groups.
  • FREE Mental Health Library.
  • Comprehensive website information service including online library service.
  • Publication of the Canterbury Mental Health Directory available in hard copy an on the website.
  • Education sessions on a wide range of mental illnesses and addictions.
  • Linkages mental health and addiction providers and social service agencies.
  • Dissemination of mental health/illness information throughout the mental health and addiction sector, social service agencies, and to members of the public on request.
  • Proactive involvement in mental health and addiction networking forums.

Please click here to view the list of Canterbury District Health Board contracted mental health organisations that MHERC works with.

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